Transcription Services for Education

Fast, accurate, simplified transcription for all of your complex educational needs.

Perfect for a wide range of academic needs

Common Transcription Uses

We provide many specialized services for academic professionals and students, including:

  • Multi-Speaker Meetings & Focus Groups
  • Recordings of Lectures & Seminars
  • Dictation by Professors
  • Research Interviews
  • Ideas for Theses & Dissertations

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High accuracy transcripts produced at scale

High Volume & Recurring Projects

We offer completely customized packages to fit any project specifications, whether you find your academic transcript needs are recurring (daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly) or require any specialized formatting.

We have a proven record of high volume transcriptions completed quickly, accurately and to scale. With a secure, automated workflow and team of experts, we will create a plan and follow through to ensure everything is handled with care.

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About Our Services for Academic Research

Fast, accurate, simplified transcription for all of your complex educational needs.

Top-Rated Security

Our micro-tasking workflow segments your audio into small, encrypted sections to ensure the highest confidentiality. Built on the Microsoft Azure Cloud, our service stores your information in the most secure way possible.

High Quality

Our proprietary review process consists of multiple levels of review to ensure the highest level of quality in all academic transcriptions. We guarantee 99%+ accuracy, and will redo any work that doesn’t meet these standards.

Fast Turnaround

Our powerful platform leverages speech recognition algorithms and a community of domain-trained transcriptionists to provide you with the quickest delivery time, and most flexibility, for your medical transcriptions.

Hybrid Transcription

We deliver quality speech recognition technology combined with expertly-trained human transcription to ensure the most accurate transcripts of your academic audio are produced and delivered, every time.

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