Simplicity is Key! Easy as 1-2-3.

TranscribeMe’s online Portal offers a simple and easy to use process to order and manage transcripts. Simply select and order the product that best fits your needs, and we take care of the rest.

Domain Expertise

Transcription has many applications within the consulting industry, and TranscribeMe has built an easy-to-use platform that enables consultants with a tool that helps increase productivity, provides more value to clients, and drive efficiency gains within the consulting practice. We work with consultants from the top firms, and have been selected in the top 20 for the Deloitte Fast500. Some of the key benefits that our consulting industry clients tell us they gain from using TranscribeMe include:

– Research interviews transcribed allow for greater focus during the conversations
– Text of voice memos enable a quick way to aggregate notes
– Meeting transcripts provided to clients deliver additional data along with reports

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Technology & Scale

Ensuring that transcripts are delivered quickly is vital in the fast paced world of consulting. TranscribeMe has combined the latest in AI speech recognition technology with a sophisticated workforce management platform that intelligently microtasks your audio and routes it to the best transcriptionists. This cloud based workflow has been applied within all types of consulting firms and has enabled quick deployment and rapid scalability.

In addition, audio can be recorded and submitted for transcription on our iOS and Android smartphone applications, be connected through your Dropbox account, or through our easy to use online Portal. This allows for a multitude of options with collecting audio and receiving high quality text.

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Services customized for your needs


  • API/SFTP functionality

    The transcription process can be automated with our REST API or through an easy to use SFTP.


    Workflows can be custom organized to meet HIPAA and GDPR compliance requirements.

  • Geo-Fencing

    Transcriber teams can be limited to certain areas or have specific certifications to meet most use cases.

  • 24-7 Support

    Around the clock support with under 24 hour response time, and an Account Manager dedicated to your team.

  • Language Support

    Transcriptions can be provided in 9 languages and many accents.

  • Team Accounts

    Easily manage your team with enhanced features that ensure oversight and administrative control.

Bart Langton Ipsos
We used TranscribeMe for transcripts and the quality has been great. Turnaround speed is fast and the process to upload files is very simple. Very responsive.

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