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We understand what it takes to deliver the best quality AI/ML training data, and our full service platform and professional team will manage the data creation process for you.

Data Collection & Creation

Successful artificial intelligence and machine learning models require data that is relevant to your use case. With access to a large global workforce we are able to recruit, train, and manage teams of any size to create the data you need to properly train your systems. As experts in curating large groups of workers, we can deliver the best data for a variety of use cases that include creating contact center interactions, images, review and survey data, and many more.

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Data Annotation

Properly structured and accurately annotated data is at the core of what makes AI/ML models work. Our proprietary platform and curated crowd management workflows pair various tasks with the right worker, enabling delivery of high quality output consistently and at low cost. Data can be annotated for a large number of use cases including sentiment, demographics, non-verbal speech, and other meta-data.

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Language Services

In addition to creating new data and annotating existing datasets, we can also transform unstructured data into different structured formats that better enable AI/ML model training. Our transcription and translation services can take audio and text of any kind and convert it into any output format that meets your training guidelines. In addition, custom teams of workers can be trained and deployed for your use case to allow for greater efficiency and scale for your needs.

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Services customized for your needs


  • API/SFTP Functionality

    Easily connect your data with our platform.


    Workflows can be custom organized to meet HIPAA and GDPR compliance requirements.

  • Geo-Fencing

    Worker teams can be limited to certain areas or have specific certifications to meet most use cases.

  • 24-7 Customer Support

    Around the clock support with under 24 hour response time, and an Account Manager dedicated to your team.

  • Language Support

    Data annotations can be provided in 10+ languages and many accents.

  • Platform Customization

    The TranscribeMe platform can be provided as an on-prem or custom cloud solution to meet your compliance needs.

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