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by John Rhodes on TranscribeMe
Cost and Time Effective

I paid for the least expensive option and received exactly what was promised...a first run through. There were spelling mistakes, but not too many. I plan to send at least five more for transcription. The timing can't be beat!

by Hannaniah Pinto on TranscribeMe
Thanks for another great experience!

I was super excited when I received my transcript back after one day of submitting it. it was faster then I expected and the quality was excellent.

I have used TranscribeMe before and certainly will do again.

Thank you.

Hannaniah Pinto

by Megan Sharp on TranscribeMe
Quick and good quality

Quick and good quality

by Sharon Vance on TranscribeMe
Court transcript

We used your transcript of our video in court to request a restraining order against our threatening neighbor. The judge wouldn't have looked at the video without a transcript and he even went through it very carefully to make sure it matched. TranscribeMe were able to distinguish between four voices. We didn't have visuals of the people so we thought there was only three. We were awarded the restraining order and we want to say a big thank you for a great job in helping us achieve this.

by Ricardo Gomez on TranscribeMe
Accurate and quickly delivered

I purchased this service for my master's dissertation and it was very helpful! From the beginning, customer service was responsive and informative. The transcription was accurate and quickly delivered. In sum, I got great value from TranscribeMe.

by Colin White on TranscribeMe
Quick turn around

I used the 24 hour delivery First Draft Transcription and was shocked at how quickly it was turned around. I submitted a 59-minute voicememo file for transcription at 2:25pm and it was complete by 7:14pm. Since it was a firstdraft service, I had to review and make minor edits but it still saved me a whole-hell-of-a-lot of time not having to transcribe from scratch. It was also reasonably priced. Would definitely recommend to a friend and use the service for any transcription needs in future. Thank you!

by Max Randall on TranscribeMe
The service was prompt

The service was prompt, and even more important it was accurate. Also, the customer service was very helpful and friendly. I cannot say enough good things.

by Emily Blechman on TranscribeMe
Excellent Service

I recently contacted TranscribeMe about a small project. I sent an inquiry to the company and was answered by Erin Machin-Spicer. She did a wonderful job of making sure I understood everything I needed to do. I think she went above and beyond. The turnaround time on my project was faster than I expected so that was a pleasant surprise and the work itself was extremely accurate. I liked having different pricing levels available and felt the price was very fair for the project I had. I would highly recommend TranscribeMe friends and business associates.

by Kip Meyer on TranscribeMe
Excellent French transcription

A truly excellent transcription of a French-language interview. Both speakers (American and Italian) had strong accents, and the transcriber did a perfect job.

by Steve Stone - Teamworks Media on TranscribeMe
I love TranscribeMe!

I love Transcribe me!Very easy to use and since we started about a month ago, it has been very helpful in turning around transcriptions on time.I do wish that timecoding was included in the returned transcriptions. We do rely heavily on those, especially in the video world.

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