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What We Have To Offer

We Pay More Than Anyone

We Pay More Than Anyone

We have the industry’s best rates, with earnings starting at $15-$22 per audio hour and top monthly earnings at $2,200 (average monthly earnings are $250). Transcriptionists with specialized backgrounds in Medical & Legal are paid a higher rate.

TranscribeMe offers a relatively steady work stream all year round, and the most competitive pay scale of all competing service providers. You also get paid in $USD - that is a huge motivation for people outside the US.
– Kevin, Canada

Growth & Learning Opportunities

Growth & Learning Opportunities

We believe in promotion from within. Our transcriptionists enjoy their work and have career advancement opportunities. Gain insight into various industries and boost your resume for any job market. Develop your skills, and grow into higher paying projects and positions.

If you dedicate yourself and put in the time and effort, you can move up through the company fairly quickly and take higher paying positions and be placed on teams and projects that allow you to earn more along the way.
– Michael, Australia

No Experience or Upfront Investment

No Experience or Upfront Investment

We’re a leading work from home employer thanks to our intuitive platform, regular payouts and steady work stream. Joining doesn’t cost a penny – all you need to get started is reliable Internet and a computer!

Up until now, I have not found a transcription service that matches the type of intuitive online interface, task flexibility or responsive support that TranscribeMe has.
– Francis, Kenya

Freedom & Flexibility

Freedom & Flexibility

Work from the comfort of your own home, whenever you want and how much you want. Transcribe short 1-2 minutes clips (not long interviews) and when complete, our system sends another micro-task to transcribe – there is no limit to how many can be processed at once.

I emphasize the fact that I haven’t touched a time clock in over two years. I can work at 8AM or I can work at 11PM. Doesn’t matter. I can stop and start whenever I want to.
– Amanda, United States

Our Program and Payment Plan

An informative online training program will introduce the Transcriptionist Portal and will take you through the Style Guide. After you have taken an exam to prove accuracy with transcribing audio and following style guidelines, you’ll be given short chunks of audio to transcribe, and you can begin earning and monetizing your downtime!

We pay regularly and securely via PayPal. Keep track of earnings in real time and know exactly how much has been accumulated. Request payment at any time and receive money in $USD via PayPal for all the work completed on a weekly basis.

Have more questions? Be sure to read our FAQs or you can get in touch with us by contacting our Training Team.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

TranscribeMe uses a crowdsourcing system that works like this:

• The client submits their audio file(s).
• The file is split, varying on average between ten seconds and one minute.
• These chunks are then made available to complete on the WorkHub for transcriptionists like you!
• Once all of these pieces have been transcribed, they are joined together and pass through to the Quality Assurance stage.
• One of our QAs then adds appropriate timestamps and speaker IDs.
• Then, the file goes through final review and is sent to the customer.

Not only is this system much faster than traditional transcription, but it makes the task of transcription less tedious and more flexible for the transcriptionist.

How do I join TranscribeMe?

To register, please go to:

Need help? Watch this short video:

Please note that you are required to use Google Chrome as your browser to work on our platform.
If you do not have Chrome, you can download it here:

Do I need any special equipment?

You only need a stable, reliable internet connection and a computer – we suggest using a desktop or laptop. We also suggest using headphones to better hear the audio. Since the work is submitted and completed entirely on the hub, there is no further equipment or investment required!

Are there any fees involved in training or registering?

There are absolutely no fees involved in the training or registration.

I’ve just registered. What’s the next step?

The next step is to take the English exam, which is located on your Exams tab. Once you pass this, you will hear from us within 12 business days.

I didn’t pass the Entrance Exam. Is there feedback available?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer feedback with regards to any of our entrance tests. There are multiple attempts available for each test, and we encourage members to review the style guide (available to you on the Exams tab) and try again.

How do Transcriptionists receive payment for their work?

Each member has their own WorkHub account. The monies owed are applied to their account in US dollars. They are able to withdraw each week to a nominated PayPal account. Please note that PayPal is the only method of payment currently available.

Do I have to work a minimum number of hours each week, and is there guaranteed work available?

Transcriptionists are able to work a flexible working schedule with no minimum or maximum number of hours, if there is work available at the time. Unfortunately, we are not able to guarantee work on a daily basis.

How are taxes handled?

Each member is responsible for tax obligations relevant to their country.

Do you have to be a certain age to register?

The minimum age requirement to register is 18 years old.

How do I delete my account?

Please email to remove an account.

For all other queries, please email or fill in the contact box above.

Contact Our Training Team

We are happy to help answer your questions about becoming a transcriptionist.
Please read our FAQs thoroughly before sending us a message.